Medical Doctors in Los Angeles

"I practice Integrative and Holistic Family Medicine. This means that I treat you as a whole person and we get to the root cause of a disease rather than merely treating symptoms and prescribing a drug. We will work together to use lifestyle changes then natural remedies to heal you then, only if absolutely necessary will we use prescription drugs. We will use evidence based natural medicine combined with conventional medicine in just the right amount! Visit & to learn more."
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Los Angeles, California 90039
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"I am the founder and Medical Director of the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine. I practiced psychotherapy for 13 years before entering medical training and now practice evidenced- based integrative medicine. My PhD dissertation, entitled "Gut Feelings - A Psychosocial Approach to Gastrointestinal Illness," inspired my conception of a center where Western and Eastern medicines combined with psychology would be fully integrated. Fully committed to these goals, I entered residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. My focus is to address the WHOLE person: Body, Mind and Spirit when treating DIS-EASE"
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Los Angeles, California 90002
(562) 354-8471
"I am a Family Medicine physician who is also board certified in Integrative & Holistic Medicine. You will find our practice merges a highly accessible and compassionate practice with technologically driven tools and an evidence-based approach for healing in a natural way when possible. Finding and treating the root cause of health problems is my passion for everyone in the community from newborns to geriatrics. Our primary goal is to help you achieve optimum health."
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