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"I am a licensed Acupuncture Physician in the state of Florida, with certification in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I am also a member of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association. I provide safe and effective Acupuncture and Oriental Medical treatment, with a gentle technique. I have had much clinical success in treating a broad range of conditions, including severe and chronic pain, digestive disorders, constipation, respiratory problems, menstrual problems, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. My patients often experience significant reduction of pain and discomfort during their very first treatment."
Acupuncturist, AP, DOM, CHT, CBD
"I am delighted to say that my practice specializes in Women's Health, including Fertility, Gynecology, Pregnancy and Menopause, as well as other hormonal or autoimmune conditions. I use Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Hypnotherapy to ensure that hormonal changes are balanced, healthy and enjoyable. I combine my treatments with western medicine treatments (including IVF and IUI) to provide women with the success they are looking for. I commit myself to a small practice to ensure every women feels their needs, both physical and emotional, have been met 100% of the time."
"We are an Integrative Medical practice located in the Spruce Creek Fly-in. Our philosophy is whole body wellness based on diet, exercise, and balance of the mind. Port Orange Acupuncture takes a very modern approach to the ancient practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine and offers Acupuncture, Cupping, Herbal Medicine, B12 & MIC B12 Injections, Therapeutic Massage, Homeopathic Injections, and Ear Candling."
"I study Traditional Chinese Medicine and received my Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Professional Health Studies. My goal is to help those in Pain with care and compassion, to Prevent illness, to improve my patients quality of life with better Health. "PREVENTION IS THE KEY TO YOUR HEALTH""
""Dental treatment with compassion and care." That was my vision when I chose my profession. I am also a patient and never had a great experience in a dental office so I wanted to do it differently! As a result patients that come to see us don't leave us. My Team is truly genuine and they love what they do. We accommodate patients with financial needs as well, providing special packages. We offer discounted rates for those without dental insurance."
"Dr. Adam Sainato is a native of Pennsylvania but now calls Port Orange his home where he resides with his wife Lori. Dr. Sainato is a Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida graduate. He was the recipient of the honor of Valedictorian of his graduating class. Dr. Sainato has participated in Clinic Abroad trips through Palmer College to Vietnam and brought chiropractic care with him to serve the native people. The office is committed to providing affordable services to each patient accepting Medicare, Medicaid and most general insurances. Visit us at or call today 386-761-4001"
Acupuncturist, DOM, LAc, AP
"Jean specializes in the treatments of Neurological and severe pain along with Gastrointestinal and Urological disorders. Jean did an extensive internship at the PLA General Hospital in Beijing, China where he became experienced in treating many neurological and pain conditions such as post-stroke, paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis, sciatica, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, joint pain, arthritis, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, headache, stress and anxiety."
"Helping others in healing and well being is my passion and life's work. I have over 17 years experience in helping to treat soft tissue injuries, managing pain relief, and assisting in reducing stress on the mind and body. All massage sessions are custom tailored to each individual client and we offer membership discounts to help keep you on a wellness regime to prevent illness and injury. If you have chronic pain which is preventing you from being able to perform your normal daily activities. Need to reduce your stress, call today to schedule an appointment!"
"We use a unique integrated approach to health care, combining techniques and treatments that work together for better health outcomes. We offer Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Nutritional Counseling and Supplements, Balance Training, Spinal Stabilization, Therapeutic Exercises, Ergonomic Training, and Lifestyle Coaching. It is our goal to achieve optimum health for you and your family! We want our patients to be proactive in their health. Thank you for choosing Atlantic Chiropractic and Wellness Center as your trusted choice in health care, and we are proud to serve you in any way we can."
"We encourage a collaboration of patient and physician in an effort to provide an overall health care plan that benefits the patient!"
"I offer personalized treatment plans, based on your unique physiology, to treat the root of your health problems and restore your body, mind and spirit to the highest potential. The clinic contains a full Herbal Pharmacy, Homeopathic and Nutritional Supplements. Together we will build a plan to address your individual needs. Member FSOMA, AAAOM, and LPGA Medical Advisory Committee"
"We aim to provide high-quality health care through the power of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Our goal is to eliminate any pain and discomfort that our patients may have, and to improve their lives physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally by reinforcing balance and positive energy. Through a special personalized treatment for each patient, we address each patient's individual needs."
Office is near:
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
(386) 246-7211
Acupuncturist, AP, DOM, NCCAOM, CCH
"I practice Gentle Acupuncture in a calm, relaxed environment. Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs. My practice focuses on holistic and integrative medicine, incorporating the science of the West and the artful wisdom of the East. I also use a darkfield microscope to perform Live Blood Cell Analysis and nutritional evaluation. This provides an accurate picture of the body from the inside out. Please allow me to support your whole body wellness....gently, naturally and with the highest standards."
Office is near:
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174
(386) 675-1698
"Our clinic provides primary care and also takes walk-ins. No waiting time. We do in house labs. WE SCREEN FOR HEPATITIS B AND C AND TREAT HEPATITIS B AND C AT OUR CLINIC. Beside primary care, we also provide weight loss program. You can either have the choices of taking medicine or be on the 12 weeks weight loss program. We also give FAT BURNER INJECTION AND ALSO VITAMIN B12 AND FOLATE to help enhance weight loss. OFFER HCG DIET PROGRAM, BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES, TESTOSTERONE, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONES. FEELING TIRE AND LOSS SEXUAL DESIRE, THEN CALL US TODAY FOR CONSULTATION 407-851-2790"
Office is near:
Deltona, Florida 32725
(407) 395-4334
Acupuncturist, AP, LMT, REV, ND, OMDPhD
"I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. I work with all five aspects of Oriental Medicine: Acupuncture, Herbs, Tui Na (massage), Moxibustion, and Qi Gong. I also use laser and electro-stimulation when necessary. I trained and worked with an MD pain specialist treating surgical failed backs, so I treat pain management patients. I also work strongly within the beautification field: weight loss, inch/fat reduction, cellulite reduction, facial rejuvenation; I use all aspects of Oriental Medicine & Lypossage. I also treat infertility, sexual disharmonies, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, colds, flus, chemo/radiation symptoms. I also treat spiritual and emotional imbalances, cancer, Parkinson,"
Office is near:
Daytona Beach, Florida 32118
(352) 437-1899
Nutritionist/Dietitian, RDN
"I offer 17 years of experience in Functional Medicine Nutrition with exceptional skills in identifying the metabolic roots of weight loss challenges, to help you make extraordinary changes in your health and appearance, as well as reverse and address chronic health conditions (including diabetes, hypertension/heart disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic yeast overgrowth and much more). I specialize in using diet, botanical medicine, nutritional supplements and exercise prescription to bring the body back into a state of balance. Every person with whom I work receives quick and easy customized meal plans that fit into their lifestyle."
Office is near:
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
(205) 415-4486
"Welcome! Saxon Dental has been working with patients to provide the excellent dental care for patients in the Orange City FL area. Saxon Dental's experience in dentistry is coupled with genuine concern for their patients. All of our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention as well. Our goal is to make you feel satisfied with your smile!We accept most payment methods but do not accept state aid. Call 855-682-7059 now."
"We accept most payment methods but do not accept state aid. Call 855-376-9112 now."