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"I am an Osteopathic Physician and my philosophy is treating each individual as an integrative whole: mind, body and spirit. My goal is to assist each person to embrace their place of greater wholeness, presence and well being. My focus is Cranial Osteopathy, which targets the cranium and it's interrelation with the rest of the body, specifically the neurological and musculoskeletal body systems."
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Chicago, Illinois 60605
(219) 200-3904
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"At Regeneveda we use the latest scientific methods to understand your unique situation and prescribe a program to regulate your individual metabolic and hormonal needs. Rather than simply treat and mask your symptoms we'll find out exactly why you're aging in a particular way and then help you look, feel and function youthfully for as long as possible. We start with a thorough investigation of all your body's functions to learn how your hormonal balance relates to your metabolism, body weight, level of fitness and performance."
Chicago, Illinois 60611
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