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"Hello, I am Dr. Allanki. I am a Child / Adult Psychiatrist practicing in the friendly, beautiful Aspinwall area. I am originally from India. After finishing my medical school in India, I had my General Psychiatry training from University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. I received my training to be Child / Adolescent Psychaitrist at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic,UPMC Pittsburgh, PA. Though I speak with an accent, I am very fluent in English language."
"Our clinic provides private, medically assisted withdrawal and detoxification services. We will make sure you can go on with your daily life by minimizing the time and pain of withdrawal while you move on towards a healthier life."
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19140
(856) 469-8475
""Unfortunately, rapid detox has become a catch-all term that encompasses a range of unregulated treatments for opiate dependency, leaving patients uneducated about important safety precautions that are vital to their health," "It's frightening how many practitioners are not following proper safety protocol and performing rapid detox under anesthesia as outpatient, leading to increased emergency hospital admissions and deaths. Rapid detox must be performed in an ICU, and under the strict supervision of trained medical doctors with appropriate post-treatment monitoring. When done correctly, rapid detox is safe and effective. All private rooms in our accredited hospital."
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19120